A Thought Provoking Picture – and – A Question…(2)

And the story continues from this post –
A Thought Provoking Picture – and – A Question… (1)

Consider this question again: What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression? 

Now, some of my friends (who know my real identity) told me that this question is difficult to answer especially in the context of Malaysian blogosphere. They told me that many bloggers in Malaysia are not into the philosphical issues which I am interested in. It is a waste of time they say. Bloggers in Malaysia (and in the Project Petaling Street) are either too emotional or too extreme. It is said that they don’t really want to go beyond the obvious (i.e. what they can hear and see)….

But I told them – Nevermind – if  they don’t want to discuss or think about the philosophies behind freedom of expression, they can at least enjoy the sexy pictures. All in all, I am contributing to the Malaysian blogosphere i.e. by provoking their thoughts and letting them enjoy the sexy pictures.

So my dear readers: Think and Enjoy my contributions!

Its all in the name of democracy!

I do hope readers will enjoy the sexy pictures of Antara Biswas or Mona Lisa. If you want more, just go to the Mona Lisa wall paper gallery @ www.santabanta.com 

But if some readers hate the sexy pictures – well – I can only say this – …One (wo)man’s food is someone else’s poison….

Until then all the best, and my prayers will be to democracy:
Vive la démocratie !


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