What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression?

This post is originally titled What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression? (in the PPS). But then at the last minute I have decide to cross out the brackets – because the long title does not sound right.

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This post is dedicated to readers and bloggers of www.petalingstreet.org . This site is commonly known as Petalingstreet.

Actually I do not intend to blog today, but I then I saw this blog post –Gunakanlah PING servis di PetalingStreet.org dengan BIJAK, bukan sebaliknya. I read that the author complained that people should not ping posts containing pictures of nude/sexy women.

And this is what he has to say:

Lagi satu kes, kalau setakat PING PetalingStreet.org berkali-kali semata-mata untuk inform gambar perempuan seksi sebagai latest entri di blog mereka, baik tak payah sebab banyak lagi website yang boleh tunjukkan secara UNCENSORED gambar perempuan BOGEL! Apa ada hal

Aha….And so I’ve decided to ponder on this issue.

I suppose the question is: What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression?

Can anybody in www.petalingstreet.org , both bloggers and those who read the blogs, answer that question?

What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression?

Perhaps we might want to read this article.

A Theory of Freedom of Expression

Thomas Scanlon
Philosophy and Public Affairs, Vol. 1, No. 2. (Winter, 1972), pp. 204-226

Note: For the benefit of all, I managed to obtain a free version of this article – from Google search.

Here is the link:

A Theory of Freedom of Expression Thomas Scanlon Philosophy and

If readers are interested in more articles – just click the Google search result here – A Theory of Freedom of Expression.

That article by Scanlon was written in the context of an America that existed in the turbulent years of the 60’s. In the 60’s and well into that year when Scanlon paper was published, there were violent protests against the Vietnam war. And of course during those years a large segment of the American society rejected the conservative overtones of the political establishments. Of course, the political establishment was more concerened about propping up a dictatorial client state in South Vietnam. The political establishment at that time are also more interested in spending money to stock-pile nuclear weapons as the Soviet Union was getting ahead in the arms (nuclear weapons) race.


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In many instances, morality are often used to suppress the freedom of expression! 

Ohhh… yes… since we are into morality….I think this post will not be complete without a very sexy picture… So I have decided to post this picture of the actress Mona Lisa. Yes she is the girl in this post – Two Pictures of Another Sexy Actress…and…More…..

Picture Credits – Mona Lisa @ www.santabanta.com

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And so my dear readers in www.petalingstreet.org: What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression?

 To end this post, I will repeat back what I’ve said previously in the post: Cleavages that makes you…

It is said that one crucial test of democracy is the acceptance or tolerance of views and expressions that one does not like. This is easier said than done. Even in the PPS (Project Petaling Street), this idea (or ideal) has sometimes produce interesting observations….


All picture credits to Santabanta (www.santabanta.com)


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