Project Petaling Street in Decline?

I just stumbled upon a post by Politics 101 MalaysiaSad decline of PPS

Though that post is written way back in 2007, it echoes to what some people are currently saying about Project Petaling Street.  Some people that I mention in this post in particular – What are the Limits of Freedom of Expression?

I wonder if that is the case.

Some people say that posts in PPS don’t have quality.

I wonder what do they mean by quality.  One has to be aware that quality is a matter of taste – unless you have some sorts of uniform benchmarking standards. 

And just to note – blogging is a not like making a product or delivering a service. Blogging is a literary product. Blogging is a product of the mind. (Not withstanding bloggers who do it for the money!). So to say that one blog post has more quality than the other is not easy.

Just want to ask – How do you evaluate –Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (by John Clelland) and Salina (by A Samad Said).

For those not in the know there are a lot of sex in John Clelland’s book. Fanny Hill is the first modern English erotic novel. And A Samad Said’s book is all about a prostitute. Of course Salina is not as graphic comparred to Fanny Hill for obvious reasons. Salina is a Malay novel written by a respected Sasterawan Negara!

Mmm perhaps I should write a fiction in the lines of these two books and ping them over in the PPS. How about that?  Will that be a great project?

Ha Ha ha!!!


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