Blogging about Malaysian Politics

Actually I have some mood to blog about Malaysian politics. However, given the fluidity of the situation. I think that the best action right now is not to say anything.

What do I mean by the fluidity of the situation? Well perhaps these posts by some of  the established social and political bloggers may shed some light:

Pak Lah’s Exit Plan on the Way – by Kickdafella

Tengku Razaleigh, PM at last? – by Jed Yoong

“Saving Umno and the Malays” and Ku Li: I’ll challenge Pak Lah by Rocky’s Bru.

But I can’t help but make this statement: Where is Malaysia heading to?

Also – I can’t help but recalling this term Vivere Pericoloso!

What is vivere pericoloso? Just go to this post – The Origin of the phrase – Vivere Pericoloso!

I hope readers are not agitated or be miscontrued by the term vivere perocoloso!  There are things that relate (from my point of view) that leads me to mention this term. The first: I was only recalling  the movie and the novel The Year of Living Dangerously. This is a 1982 movie starring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. This movie was based from the book by C.J. Koch with the same title. See this post – But Unfortunately…Some Bloggers May be Risking Too Much….

The second: Also I recalled a book that I read many-many times already – Catatan Harian Seorang Demonstran. Originally this book was diary from a relatively unknown Indonesian political activist – Soe Hok Gie.  But it was later published into a book. See this post – The Daily Diary of a Demonstrator.

How are these two things related and how are they related to what is happening in Malaysia? Well I suppose I shall leave it to the readers.

See also this post – Ayo ! Belajarlah Demokrasi dari Indonesia!


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