Blogging: Just another medium to maximize “self-interest” – Really ?

As in all things, there are contesting explanations. The reasons why people blog are also included.

So, the underlying reason why people blog can be explained by self interest as what I say in this post – Blogging – Just another medium to maximize “self-interest” ?

It turns out that the Edgeworth’s assertion has been challenged. One person who challenged Edgeworth’s self interest motive is Amartya K.  Sen.

How did Sen challenge Edgeworth’s assertion… oh…. I think that will be a rather long story. Perhaps students of economics who happen to be bloggers can tell….

Of course, I will be dealing with this… but not today…

Anyway, that is the end of my “serious” blogging series for today.


Ha ha ha!!!  Just realised this issue about who should represent all blogs (or is it bloggers) in Who does ALL BLOGS represent? by Jed Yoong and Meeting the Blogging Community by the Observer.

Now, this issue is somewhat related to my blogging series of today – why do you blog and what is the purpose of blogging.

If you accept the principle that everyone maximizes his or her self interest, then can you say that there is an organization that represent all bloggers. Perhaps there is an organization that represent like-mided bloggers… but certainly not all bloggers… you can’t expect everybody to have the same interests…. however you define “interest” to be as… (of course – you can do that i.e. take the lowest common denominator – but then that is another story and there are consequences to that!)

But there is actually another issue  – how do you regulate self-interest? This is what I say is a “hidden” issue as many (should) know that… well… how shall I say this… the term/ phrase – “bloggers have their own agenda(s)”.

Anyway, I wonder who actually first coin that phrase: “bloggers have their own agenda(s)”.

Ok…will stop blogging now…. that may be another story in future postings.

Until then, I shall leave you with a phrase from this post – Ayo ! Belajarlah Demokrasi dari Indonesia!

Ayo! Sukseskan Demokrasi di Malaysia!


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