Blogging – Just another medium to maximize “self-interest” ?

In his treatise – Mathematical Physiscs – Francis Ysidro Edgeworth noted:

the first principle of economics is that every agent is actuated only by self-interest.

Edgeworth (1881: 16)

Now, in the case of bloggers in the Malaysian blogosphere, it is not uncommon (at least before the March 8 elections ) to hear statements like – “bloggers have their own agenda(s)” and other similar statements of the same kind.

Such statements are made as if to indicate or insinuate that bloggers in general are a bunch of people who are selfish and possibly anti-social.  In other words those statements are similar to that of Edgeworths.

Of course, bloggers are also humans, like those who hate bloggers themselves are. They too are selfish and they may exhibit anti-social behaviors too (if you believe Edgeworth).

However, the purpose of this post is not so much to discuss the politics of blogging in Malaysia. I have somewhat deal with those issues under the Vivere Pericoloso – Malaysian Bloggers! category.

Today – I want to highlight about one aspect of blogging. This aspect concerns one possible reason why people blog…..

But before that I would like to ask a question – why do people blog?

So my dear readers – why do you blog?

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