Why do you blog? – To become famous?

To continue from – Blogging – Just another medium to maximize “self-interest” ?

So why do you blog?

 Actually I have a lot of things to say about this – but perhaps too much to say. So I will do this slowly.  So expect many follow ups from this post.

One hypothesis why people blog is that – they want to be popular. Now, this hypothesis is consistent with the utility maximizing principle suggested by Edgworth. Also, this hypothesis is absolutely in line with the views of Adam Smith.

Don’t you believe me?

Just go here – Submit Your Blog to Search Engines to Boost Traffic – and you see what I mean. That page provides some suggestion on how to increase traffic to your blogs!

Perhaps another example can be seen during the March 8 elections. Some bloggers got themselves elected . These are bloggers who turned politicians instead of the other way around. So blogging can increase your popularity in such a way that it contributes to them being elected in state assemblies and the Parliament. 

Of course, these are the extreme examples where blogging is a means to an end. Some like to be popular just for the sake of being popular… and all these are consistent with Edgeworth’s assertion described in this post – Blogging – Just another medium to maximize “self-interest” ?


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