Hey! What’s Going on with the “All Blogs” thing? (1)

Aha…. check this out:

Some postings from Jed Yoong:

I’m NOT threatened, ALL BLOGS should be renamed NO BLOGS, I just realised why UMNO ALL (NO) BLOGS attacked me , and also this post which I presume is the main thing in Jed Yoong’s outburst – Who does ALL BLOGS represent?

Jed Yoong has done an ‘outburst’ … haa… this reminds me of many people.. mostly women… I suppose women, after reaching a certain threshold suddenly explode. This explosion or outburst can be manifested by shouting, crying and other physical things or actions. Ha ha.. I always get all those by angry women…

Of course with blogs and the internet, this outburst is manifested in writing… and blog postings etc…..

Now, men too, can do an outburst… but it seems that their threshold (of tolerance) is higher than women’s…. of course there are exceptions – some men are even more prone to outbursts than women….

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