Jangan Sekali-kali Menyerah Kepada Kemunafikan ! (2)

This post is a continuation to this posts – Jangan Sekali-kali Menyerah Kepada Kemunafikan ! (1)

Basically the title of this and the previous posts can be translated into – Do not ever surrender to hypocrisy.

Now, this title is relevant to all of us. At this moment – this phrase is particularly relevant to politicians who are considering and contemplating to “jump ship”. Now, I won’t clarify and elaborate …. because I said that I won’t say anything about Malaysia politics for now. To a certain extent, this phrase is also relevant to bloggers.

Yes. See this BolehTalk posting: Bloggers’ hypocrisy about biadap-ness

But let us consider another aspect to this issue:

Can life itself lead us to hypocrisy?

Consider this famous phrase from the book Catatan Harian Seorang Demonstran – a book which mentioned in this post – The Daily Diary of a Demonstrator.

Nasib terbaik adalah tidak dilahirkan

Yang kedua dilahirkan tapi mati muda,


Yang tersial adalah umur tua.

Rasa-rasanya memang begitu.

Bahagialah mereka yang mati muda.

This phrase was taken from the Gie’s 1962 entry, dated January 22nd. This phrase was featured in the movie Gie. If you like Nicholas Saputra – you better watch that movie.

As I said before, it is very difficult to maintain a hypocrisy-free life. Now, for Soe Hok Gie – perhaps he can do that, perhaps he had achieved a hypocrisy-free life…because he died young.

But for many us, can we achieve a hypocrisy-free life?

Can we achieve a hypocrisy-free life when the world around us is full of hypocrisy?

And… can we avoid hypocrisy when hypocrisy is part and parcel of life?

Perhaps we can – see this post: The Older Generation is More Prone to Hypocrisy?


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