Navneet Kaur in action in KL

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These are some stills from the film Bhuma. These pics are from Ragalahari. In this post, I will select some pictures which I like, all of which depicts Navneet Kaur in action… in KL or Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.. the theme will be closely similar to that of this post…Hot and Sweaty – All for Fame and Glory!

Enjoy the pictures:

Picture Credits: Bhuma @ Ragalahari

Ohhh… that man… why does he have to be next to Navneet… I wish he could go away!

Picture Credits: Bhuma @ Ragalahari

Ahhh…. the Twin Towers….

Ok… more of Navneet…

Picture Credits: Bhuma @ Ragalahari

I like this one…. I kind of like her back… mmmm….. I know many out there like her back-side…. she looks simply stunning…

And this one too

Picture Credits: Bhuma @ Ragalahari

Hey… the bike’s registration plate number… this is not KL number….

Aha, this one below…..

Picture Credits: Bhuma @ Ragalahari

Hey… what is that man trying to do? …. playing around with Navneet !!!

Ok finally this one….

Picture Credits: Bhuma @ Ragalahari

Where is this.? This pedestrian bridge looks familiar… Near Dayabumi?

All right! If you want to see more of Navneet Kaur just go here: Navneet Kaur and here: Bhuma.

Until then,

Enjoy !!! 

All picture credits to Ragalahari


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