The Older Generation is More Prone to Hypocrisy?

To continue from the post – Jangan Sekali-kali Menyerah Kepada Kemunafikan ! (2) … 

Anyway… I sometimes notice that hypocrisy always come from the older generation… it seems to me that older people display a more cynical attitude towards life… despite they having more experience… the old have usually lost their idealism.

Don’t you believe me?

Usually, and this is true in many instances – true change in any society is brought about by the younger generation. The younger generation it seems have more idealism than the older generation. And they (the youths) are not burdened with baggages (or burdens) of the past.

True change in society is brought about by the younger generation.

Yes… it is true that the young should learn from the old…

But the young must never allow the old to dicate to them what should or what should not be done.

Note: The interpretation of the old generation is not literal. The old generation need not be based solely on the biological age. It can also mean the incumbent. An thus the young generation need not be interpreted solely on biological age too. The word youth and young can also mean the contender or challenger. These words can also describe those not within the so called established ruling class or establishment. (If you are into politics, you may likely use this intepretation). Well… I won’t say anything more. Perhaps readers can make their own inference(s).


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