Democracy !!!

I have just come up with a new category. This is called – Democracy

In this category I will discuss issues of democracy around the globe. I suppose the current issue right now is about Tibet.

It used to be Burma last time… well… what happened to Burma?  Folks in Project Petaling Street have forgotten about Burma….???

Ahhh… people in the Project Petaling Street … it seems that many of you have such a short memory….

Anyway… this category will also contain issues concerning Malaysia too, especially issues with regards to the institutions of democracy in that country. Yes… Malaysia is a democratic country, no denying about it. But we have to move forward by thinking more about the institutions of democracy… like the laws, peoples’ attitudes and even peoples’ perception about democracy itself… and many more… like the major actors in the recent events in Perlis and Trengganu…

Of course, I can’t do a thorough review on these issues. After all I am just an occasional blogger ..and this blog is also done with the idea of entertainment too… yea… you know what I mean… 

So there it goes… a new category called – Democracy


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