Tibet Supporters in Malaysia

To continue from this post –  Tibet – UNGA Resolution 1723 (XIV)

Aha… I just found one active supporter of the Tibetan cause…

I’m sure he has made efforts to publicise his site and his posting. Perhaps it will be a good thing to highlight it again – Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet. After all here in PPS, there seem to be a dearth of pro-Tibetan activism.

And this is his maiden post – Olympics Torch Relay in KL.

I wish him all the best!

I suppose if for one day everybody in Project Petaling Street will dedicate a post to Tibet, that will be a coup… yes… the Chinese (or the Chinese lobby in Malaysia) may perhaps be a bit embarassed….

Aha.. the Chinese (the govt in Beijing of course) are so hung-up about the face thing…. trust me…

If you look at the recent protests, I think that the Tibetans are actually using the face thing to their advantage. They are trying to make the Chinese govt lose their face…

Of course,  it is unfortunate that the Tibetans have to do this in relation to the Olympics… but then what are their choices…?  the Tibetans don’t have an army to liberate their homeland….

Whatever it is, for the Tibetans, their freedom is more important than the Olympics….


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