To Those Who Love Her… (Mumaith Khan)

This post is a tribute to those lovers of Mumaith Khan. I have decided to include her pictures today as a respond to the number of clicks to the post The Dancing Girl.

I don’t really know why people like her. Or do I?

Let me guess… 

Could it be because she is sexy… or could it be because she represents a symbol of vibrancy and healthiness. After all she is one of the top dancing item girl in the Indian film industry. She has appeared in more than 40 films.

Enjoy some of her pictures – all courtesy of Ragalahari.

Picture Credits: Mumaith Khan @ Ragalahari

Mumaith Khan’s mother is a Pakistani…

Picture Credits: Mumaith Khan @ Ragalahari

Her father is from Tamil Nadu…

Picture Credits: Mumaith Khan @ Ragalahari

Her family was domiciled in Pakistan, but then moved to Bombay (Mumbai)…

Picture Credits: Mumaith Khan @ Ragalahari

Aha… this picture…. perhaps Readers should see this post – Hot and Sweaty – All for Fame and Glory! 

Ok… back to her story… 

And there, from Mumbai – she “exploded“….

From what I know… she began her dancing career earning 1,500 rupees… now she is earning in lakhs…

(note: 1 lakh = 100,000 rupees)

Mmmm.. that sounds like a fairy tale to me….

This post is also a tribute to those that clicked this post – Sweating it out – Inspiration, Perspiration and Success .


All picture credits to Ragalahari


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