Fitna & UU ITE

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Looks like Jed Yoong has done it again…. she has wrote something contraversial about Islam again here – Fitna.

To tell the truth I have not seen the film. Maybe I won’t as I am really not interested. However, I know many will get agitated by that films. Yes – that film will definitely arouse the anger of many Muslims.

I suppose that film will be banned under UU ITE (Informasi Transaksi Elektronik ). This film will obviously melanggar “kesusilaan“… as per article (pasal) 27 of the law. Article 27 also mention “penghinaan” and also “pencemaran nama baik“. All these are hallmarks of the film Fitna…. I am sure….

So I suppose in such an example, UU ITE is justified? So you can’t download Fitna from internet in Indonesia I suppose…

Perhaps I have another read at this law (here is the link –

Unfortunately such a legislation may be contrary to the spirit of the Freedom of Speech and Expression. And more unfortunately, people like Geert Wilders are abound. They are many people like him who for one reason or another likes to flame hatred especially within the context of inter-religion relationships… In Malaysia especially there are so many Muslim haters who justify hating Islam just for the sake of freedom of speech and expression!

This reminds me of the song Begitu Salah (Tapi) Begitu Benar… a song by 3 beautiful ladies who call themselves Dewi-Dewi

You have to think like this… censoring Geert Wilders is a right thing to do, because you cannot let people like him create trouble in society. Unfortunately by silencing him, you are killing freedom of speech and expression. However, which one is more important? Freedom of speech or maintaining law and order (and social harmony)?

And remember, you have quite a few Geert Wilders here in Malaysia and throughout the globe!!!

Tell me if you have an answer….

I suppose I have to say that I wish people like Geert Wilders do not exist! These people are encouraging all these censorship laws…. These censorship laws may be appropriate for people like Geert Wilders. Unfortunately it may also hinder genuine and responsible expressions. In other words, people like Geert Wilders (by all their antagonistic approach) are actually destrying the freedom of speech and expression. He will certainly encourage tougher censorship laws in many Muslim (and Muslim majority) countries…

If I have my my way, I would say to Geert Wilders to stop all this antagonism towards the Muslims. I would even tell him to apologise and take back all his claim that he potrayed in his film.

But I suppose that is my opinion…..

Anyway, Geert Wilders is doing all these not for the sake of freedom of expression! After all he did call for the suspension of Muslim Dutch citizens’ rights… for those whom he suspect as “promoting Islamic extremism”…

Aha…. the discussion in Jed Yoong’s Fitna is certainly getting crazier… anyway…. let them (commenters and JY) be…. Let them be…..


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