Bending Over, Cleavages etc…

Dear Readers….

Here are three interesting pictures from the movie Dhada. These pics are obtained from Ragalahari.

I post these 3 pics as the actress in the picture looks “different” from the other pictures… I wonder who she is…. yes… the woman in these pictures look different from the other woman (or women – I don’t really know) in the Dhada  movie gallery…

Well… if you don’t believe me.. just click to that link to the movie gallery. And do inspect all the pictures….

Also, these pics symbolizes my discussion on the post – What is wrong with watching “porn”?

So enjoy !!!

Picture Credits: Dhada @ Ragalahari

Ha ha.. she is bending over it seems….

Picture Credits: Dhada @ Ragalahari

Yes… a bit more….

Ahh… but no more pics of her bending over….
Picture Credits: Dhada @ Ragalahari

Aha… this time she is standing up… and showing her belly buttons.

I suppose some one will love those pictures but others will detest it… and it all boils down to this – One man’s food is someone else’s poison. See this post – Food is nourishing to some, but …
All picture credits to Ragalahari


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