Watching Belly Buttons…

Some time ago there was this controversy about women’s belly button… in Indonesia… Anyway readers can read about it here – No Belly Buttons For President – this post is written by Indonesia Matters way back in 2006.

I suppose many in Malaysia would think in the same manner as the Indonesian President…

But in this post I would do the contrary…

I tell you what – I like watching women’s belly button. So I found interesting pictures from Ragalahari… These are movie stills from Manmadha Raja…

So… if you enjoy belly buttons…  well…. just look at these pictures….

Picture Credits: Manmadha Raja @ Ragalahari

Aha… she is also showing her armpits…. Ahh… I was told that showing armpits is uncouth in many South East Asian communities… But I suppose that is not the case in India… if you are a sexy actress… is that true???

Picture Credits: Manmadha Raja @ Ragalahari

Ok.. here are some different pictures….

What do you think???

Picture Credits: Manmadha Raja @ Ragalahari

She looks wet. I wonder what made her wet..??? Is she sweating or what? Or had she been in some kind of rain (water) dance or what….??? Ha ha ha….

Picture Credits: Manmadha Raja @ Ragalahari

Well ….thats the belly button show for today… see more pictures here Manmadha Raja @ Ragalahari

Enjoy !!!

And lets hope internet censorhip does not get too unbearable!!!

Why do I say so?

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All picture credits by Ragalahari

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