UIA student charged for involvement in general election

The title of this post is absolutely similar to the Malaysiakini article – UIA student charged for involvement in general election.

It is done with a reason. So please read this post… 

Here is an excerpt of the article:

A former university student thought he would be free to join a political party and participate in active politics after finishing his studies.

Meor Isfandy Meor Azman of International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA) was charged for breaching the university regulations for his involvement in a political party in the just-concluded general election.

He told Malaysiakini today that he received an official letter from UIA pressing charges for his involvement with Parti Mahasiswa Negara (PMN).

Meor is a coordinator of the yet-to-be-registered PMN and was involved with the party’s activities during the 12th General Election.

He has taken his final exams for a degree in Islamic Studies and Political Science last November. The convocation is scheduled for August this year.

Source: UIA student charged for involvement in general election.

In this post, I wish to express my support for saudara Meor Isfandy Meor Azman for his courage to form the Parti Mahasiswa Negara (PMN). I would also like to express my support for him in his effort to inspire political awareness of Malaysian university students.

I also would like readers of Project Petaling Street, Beras Padu, sarawho.com and other blog pingers in Malaysia and anywhere in the world to show and express their support to saudara Meor Isfandy too!

Saudara Meor Isfandy, saya menyokong penuh perjuangan anda!!


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