UMNO’s days are numbered?

Ha ha ha… is this a rumour or what…???

I have read this Malaysiakini article – Azmin: ‘Close to 30’ BN reps in the bag

Here is the excerpt:

PKR vice-president Mohd Azmin Ali claimed today that the party has already persuaded “close to 30″ Barisan Nasional members of Parliament to reject the leadership of its chairperson Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Declining to say how many exactly or where these elected representatives are from, the Gombak parliamentarian said they all agreed the country lacks a “strong and credible” leadership.

“Their concern is (for) the country, the nation. They want someone who is strong and credible to lead the country,” Azmin told reporters after a thanksgiving gathering in Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.

And worse, this PKR chap is actually saying that the main goal is not totally for these BN MPs to join PKR, but rather to “unseat” the incumbent govt:

We told the BN and Umno leaders, ‘Don’t worry. Even if there is (the anti-hopping) law, we can resolve this… Umno members, generally, and on the ground, feel dissatisfied with the leadership of Abdullah,” said Azmin.

“(We told them,) ‘What you do is, you enter Parliament, as an Umno MP, you stand up, and say ‘I am a member of Umno but I don’t have confidence in the leadership of Abdullah’. They need not jump,” he added.

Wow… this one hell of a story!!!

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