Umno leaders want peace …

An interesting article from Malaysiakini ( Umno leaders want peace meeting between PM-Dr M

Some excerpts:

Several Umno members are rooting for a reconciliation meeting between party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his predecessor Dr Mahathir Mohamad to patch up their differences.

Leading the call is Cheras Umno division chief Syed Ali Al Habshee who suggested today that Abdullah lead an Umno supreme council delegation to meet up with Mahathir to resolve their bickeringAccording to a Bernama report, he said it was pointless to go on accusing each other in the media as this would only lead to destruction of the party.

And in Malacca, Umno veteran Abdul Aziz Tapa said that the council of former elected representatives, Mubarak, should help in the mediation effort to stop the hurling of accusations.



Source: Umno leaders want peace meeting between PM-Dr M

Well, this news is nothing “new” actually. Because if you read towards the end, there are some demands that Mahathir must “perform” before this peace deal goes through.

But this article illustrates one of the many pitfalls of writing (or even blogging) about Malaysian politics. The situation can change drastically.

So I suppose when blogging about Malaysian politics. Nothing is for sure. Things can change overnight, and even within the hour or few hours.

But let’s see what is Mahathir’s reaction. This would be interesting…


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