Main Depan…or… Main Belakang?

Ohh… just look at the Malaysiakini ( article – Azmin: BN MPs ready to cross.

The PKR chap is saying it again – BN MPs will cross!!! This is like playing the backdoor game to form the government.

And PAS is also at this game too. Just look at this article – PAS veep tells Umno to ditch Abdullah. “throw Abdullah out…” Husam Musa says… before “the party is thrown out of the govt…”

The title “Main Depan atau Main Belakang” seems to be apt for this kind of situation. In this context, “main depan” is a Malay word to describe obtaining direct mandate to rule the country. “Main belakang” is another word to describe a more sinister approach to get power. In other words – Machiavellianism.

Anyway I have read the latest news about Azmin (of the PKR) being so surprised that:

the PKR received “overwhelming” responses from the ruling Barisan Nasional parliamentarians looking to defect to the Anwar Ibrahim-led party.

Azmin sounded (appears to be)  confident that the PKR can receive at least 30 BN MPs:

“It was out of our expectation. We only need 30 more seats, but the response is so overwhelming now, 30 seats are the minimum (we can get),” PKR vice-president Azmin Ali told reporters at the party headquarters in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur today.


I wonder, how should we as observers believe what Azmin Ali is saying. Can we believe him… he is promoting the “main belakang” thing…

To tell the truth – I prefer all political parties to get power by obtaining direct mandate via the elections. Yes – I prefer them to “main depan”. All these “main belakang” thing is making me more and more suspicious of PKR and PAS.

So, many people in Pakatan Rakyat (and the opposition in general) would likely say that Mahathir is a machiavellian. But then what happens when both PAS and PKR are playing the back-door game or “main belakang”?



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