Is Anwar Ibrahim Popular– Really?

I was just reading from Malaysiakini ( , an article – Quit now before it’s too late:

To a question, Mahathir said the general election results do not reflect PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s popularity. On the contrary, he said Anwar was not at all popular.

“He didn’t get this huge majority that you mentioned. People didn’t like him. It’s because people were unhappy with Barisan and Umno. (The polls) were not a test of the opposition. It’s not because (Anwar) is popular.

“In 1999, (even) with the black eye and all, he only won five seats. He had to suffer a black eye for five seats. In 2004, he had only one. He is not popular,” he insisted.

And so I wonder whether I or anyone else should believe him. Should we believe Mahathir?

Is Anwar Ibrahim really popular?

I think that such comments are indicative of the state of flux and confusion in the Malaysian political scene today.

Does anyone have the statistics (or any statistics for that matter) to prove or disprove Mahathir?

Perhaps Malaysiakini can do a survey to test or gauge the popularity of Anwar Ibrahim…

That may to a certain degree reduce the current state of confusion in today’s Malaysian political scene…

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