The Malaysian Political Situation – In a State of Confusion?

If we are to go by the Malaysiakini ( article 20,000 defy police to celebrate Anwar’s ban expiry  Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR must have conducted their rally successfully.

This rally may perhaps be reminiscent to the rallies that happened way back in 1998/1999. During those times one may think that Malaysia was experiencing a state of uncertainty or confusion.

Today, I may correctly say that many Malaysians will feel the same…

Dear Readers, I suppose it is not really news if somebody were to say that the political situation in Malaysia is currently in a state of flux; such a state of affairs is reflected by several articles from Malaysiakini (

Now, I don’t think I need to list out these articles as readers can just go there and read them. Another reason is that there is already much news either on the turmoil in UMNO and also on the announcements of notable figures in PKR and also from PAS with regard to the possibility of some Barisan Nasional MPs joining the Pakatan Rakyat.

Of course if you read the mainstream newspapers, you are given a different story. (For example, according to Bernama, the Anwar Ibrahim rally was attended by only 7,000 people!)

And thus, a state of confusion is created.

Now, I would like to point out another example of this confusion. And this is within Malaysiakini ( news portal.

In particular, I like to point out one quote from this article – Quit now before it’s too late ( And here it is – in this post: Is Anwar Ibrahim Popular– Really?

I have to tell readers that my reason of choosing Mahathir and that particular news item is due to what I see in Malaysiakini @ youtube ( . If you remember what happened to Sasnizam Adham, the Pemuda from Sekinchan…???

And of course, before the March 8th election, Mahathir kept saying that Anwar is not “a factor” to be reckoned with. But history proved otherwise… Nevertheless, many in UMNO still deny the facts… or somehow attribute “different” explanations…

Recently (in, Mahathir is saying that the public does not really support Anwar Ibrahim.

I suppose such a statement may add to the confusion…

Is Anwar Ibrahim really popular?

Or is Mahathir confused?


Now I am confused too… ha ha ha…!!!


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