No True Democracy with ISA around: Abolish the ISA Now!

True democracy cannot mature with ISA around, that is the Malaysiakini letter by Ashvin Raj available here –

I fully and totally support Ashvin Raj’s stand. Nevertheless, I don’t quite agree with him depending or hoping that: “Zaid Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat will pressure the federal government in Parliament to immediately charge and try all ISA detainees in an open court or release all ISA detainees still incarcerated.”

I think we have passed the stage of totally or substantially depending on some one or some group(s) to abolish the ISA (Internal Security Act). We should instead take a more proactive role in this regard.

Now, a proactive role does not mean to be going out to the streets. It can be a lot of other things. For bloggers, we can play our role by dedicating a post demanding the repeal, annulment and abolishment of the ISA.

Besides dedicating a blog post, there are of course other ways that we can get the message across. Now these will be the subject of future entries.


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