A request to Project Petaling Street bloggers

In line with my previous post – No True Democracy with ISA around: Abolish the ISA Now! – I would like to request all PPS  (http://www.petalingstreet.org/)  bloggers to dedicate a post demanding (or requesting) the abolishment of the ISA.

Now, it is so easy to do that. Just write the title – Abolish the ISA Now!

You can even write using only one sentence like – I call for the abolishment of the ISA. Perhaps some of you may write in Malay like – Hapuskan (or mansuhkan) ISA sekarang!

It’s so simple to write a post.

So let’s show some support for Ashvin Raj ( http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/82272) and others who are demanding the abolishment of ISA.


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