Morality, Social Values and Power in Society (2)

I think I would like to just post a picture featuring Shriya Saran again. This is taken from Ragalahari:


Picture Credit – Shriya @ Ragalahari

Perhaps some may wonder why should I post her picture again….

The reason? The reason is very simple. I quite fancy her now… all because of the controversy she had with the HMK.

Of course, it may be the case that she has bowed to pressure and apologised for her “indecent” behavior. But then not all agree that apologising to the HMK is the right thing to do.

Here is one opinion about this issue. These posts are from The Mutiny.

HMK Offends Indian Culture

How to Offend Hindu Culture

Now, I have to say that The Mutiny has posted a series of very interesting posts. I won’t say much more about this issue. However, I have to say that what is happening in India is also happening in other places too – like in Malaysia for instance. Basically morality is used to stop, hinder or diminish certain activities. In many instances these activities are ‘cultural’ activities like the cinemas, films etc. In other instances even literary activities are affected. Also sometimes morality is used to achieve political aims.

Well, I will be writing more about this issue in the future.

Until then all my prayers are for Democracy.

Vive la Démocratie

Perhaps one more picture of Shriya…

Picture Credit – Shriya @ Ragalahari

She also looks sexy from the side-way…


All picture credits to Ragalahari


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