Morality, Social Values and Power in Society (3)

And just to note, even the modern democracy in India is not a “real democracy” in the normal sense. Just look at how Nehru governed India. And don’t forget Indira Gandhi. I have read somewhere that Indira Gandhi ruled India like a dictator….

And that is India. Look at Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal and even Sri Lanka. And look at Burma, Thailand. And look at Malaysia and Singapore. With the exception of Burma and Nepal, democracy do exist in these other countries… but not perfect. Some countries define democracy as having more rights for the individual…and yet some other countries define democracy as the right of the whole society instead of the right of the individual…

Hmmm… I have left out Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia is also a democracy…. Ahhh… I have also read somewhere of the problem where morality is used as a pretext to stop or “filter out” some cultural and individual expression in Indonesia…. In Indonesia, “democracy” or “the voice of the majority” is often used to “kill off” and stop several cultural and entertainment activities. I find this a bit odd.

And what about Malaysia…?


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