Vivere Pericoloso Raja Petra!

Malaysiakini, in the article Raja Petra charged, chooses jail over bail (, has reported that was Raja Petra Kamaruddin was charged under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act for publishing seditious article on April 25 on Malaysia Today.

Now, that event reminds me of a post I made a long time ago: But Unfortunately…Some Bloggers May be Risking Too Much….  

I think that it is worthwhile to repeat some parts of that posting:

I am sure that the influential bloggers are knowledgeable on the socio-political situation in Malaysia. They understand that in Malaysia the government has the upper hand.

However, I suspect that these influential bloggers are banking on their stature to “immunize” them from the law. What I mean by this is that: in the event of them being in a “sticky” situation, these bloggers can fall back on their stature to bail them out or at least enable them to escape some aspects of the law. Of course much of this stature is derived from international recognition. The more famous Malaysian bloggers have networked themselves within the broader international blogging scene. Some famous bloggers have attended international ICT conferences, workshops, seminars etc, and some are active in promoting blogging; and some others are actively involved in the media, arts and cultural industries etc. It is these networks that give Malaysian bloggers the international stature. In addition some of the more high profile Malaysian bloggers are affiliated to political parties – especially opposition parties.

And I also mentioned Raja Petra Kamaruddin:

Imagine this – the last time when Raja Petra Kamaruddin was called by the police, he was interviewed by the BBC. And the local blogosphere highlighted his situation. But what if Mr Joe Blogs or Ms Jane Blogs were to be detained or called by the police? Will the BBC or any other international media give him/her an exclusive interview? Who will bail Mr Joe Blogs or Ms Jane Blogs if they were to be detained? Will the other local bloggers feature the plight of these less famous bloggers?

Now, I would like to refer readers to the first quote which is bolded – In addition some of the more high profile Malaysian bloggers are affiliated to political parties – especially opposition parties.

Now RPK is indeed one of them…bloggers who are affiliated to political parties…especially the opposition parties. Read this portion of the Malaysiakini article:

raja petra court case 060508 02Talking to reporters at the Jalan Duta court complex this morning, Raja Petra said that he was a victim of political persecution.

“I knew this was coming,” he said.

“This is merely an excuse to arrest me, detain me or charge me. But this excuse is a stupid excuse.

“Once they charge me and the trial has been set, we shall point out not only do they have no case but it is absolutely political persecution,” he added.

He said that he was aware of a call made by an Umno leader from Petaling Jaya (Utara) about three weeks ago that “they should find ways to arrest me”.

News about Raja Petra’s case spread like a wild fire last night and this morning a large crowd of about 100 people had gathered at the court complex to show support for him.

Also present were DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang and Ronnie Liu as well as Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

raja petra court case 060508 nurul izzahNurul Izzah said that it was a duty of everyone to come and show their support to Raja Petra.

“Especially since Malaysia Today was the primary source of a lot of unearthing of scandals especially corrupt practices of the leadership and the government.

“And it (Malaysia Today) has helped opened the eyes of the nation to what is going on and what is wrong with the country. It played a huge role in the last elections.”


Well… I suppose this affiliation to political parties and other civil groups will somewhat lessen the harsh treatment of the law…

Now, in another article, Chan Kok Leong said that Raja Petra is “a legend in the making”. This title reminds me of the movie I am legend. Well.. I suppose that is likely to be true…

Well… but what about bloggers who are not famous or those who are not well connected… will Lim Kit Siang, Ronnie Liu or Nurul Izzah come when they are detained?


Now, readers who want to know more about the term “vivere perocoloso” should refer to this post – The Origin of the phrase – Vivere Pericoloso!


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