Vivere Pericoloso ! Raja Petra the Legend !

And so… Chan Kok Leong in the Malaysiakini article A legend in the making reported that: “Highly controversial and largely influential blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin wrote himself into the annals of Malaysian history today when he became the first blogger to be charged under the Sedition Act 1948.”

Yes, Chan Kok Leong’s  A legend in the making article talks about how this legend will be made…

Now to tell the truth I am no fan of Raja Petra, as I think that his Malaysia-Today website has elements of hate-speech especially when dealing with inter-ethnic and religious issues. I also indicated some misgivings about the whole issue in my previous post – Vivere Pericoloso Raja Petra!

Nevertheless, due to my conviction to freedom and speech and expression, I have to say that I support his cause…

Now, that I think is how a legend called Raja Petra Kamaruddin came into being. He is a defender of freedom of speech and expression.

Well… even before his arrest, Raja Petra Kamaruddin is already a legend… Now, of course I can write more about this but surely readers have already known he is villified by many who do not share his views…

Vivere Pericoloso….Raja Petra – the Legend !


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