Merah Putih Demokrasi UMNO ?

I was reading Malaysiakini news just now – BMC residents doused and gassed – and I was quite shocked to read that there were some violence during the protests last night.

In particular this description is telling:

Suddenly some 50 riot police took up attacking positions and there was a brief stand-off with the residents with only what remains of the barrier separating the authorities and the residents.

What followed was utter chaos when Lim tried to stop a water cannon truck from advancing by standing in front of the truck.

According to Lim, several plainclothes officers forcibly removed him and a melee ensued.

“They dragged me aside and sprayed mace on my face. I couldn’t see. Then they punched me and kicked me,” he told reporters about two hours after the incident.

His shirt was torn during the scuffle.

Selangor state executive councilor Ean Yong Hian Wah who was also at the scene told reporters that the Lim’s beating only stopped when the police were told he was a parliamentarian.

Source: Malaysiakini news article- BMC residents doused and gassed

Now… I have to say that my mind wandered back to the time when I wrote this post – Merah-Putih & Keris: Demokrasi Bikinan Melayu?

And then I wonder again…

I wonder what will be the alternative to UMNO and the BN system of governance? What kind of democracy shall Malaysia have if one day, UMNO and BN will bow out of public office.

Will that alternative democracy yield a different outcome for the Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents?

I wonder…

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