Al-Nakba – The Catastrophe & The Tragedy

Perhaps some readers might notice that yesterday – the 15th of May is the Al-Nakba day.

Al-Nakba is the Arabic word for disaster or catastrophe. Now, perhaps some readers might ask why on earth I am blogging about Al-Nakba? The simplest answer would be – this is my blog, so I can write whatever I want to write.

Actually there is another reason. Al-Nakba is actually a depiction of a tragedy. Students of drama and not forgetting those who study Greek and Roman civilizations would know this. Now, some of my friends say that it is useless to say this to the typical Malaysians who tend to view higher education as only a passport to make money i.e. study accounting, engineering, medicine an the other professions. Hey… isn’t this a tragedy for the Malaysians! But then….

I tell you what: There is a connection of the concept of Al-Nakba in the Palestinian context to various situations in Malaysia.

Anyway, I will stop here…

I have to tell readers that I am in situation where time is very short… of course…Readers should have noticed that I am a uni student…whose time is spent on studying and also on so many things other than blogging….

A tragedy? or a catastrophe?

Anyway…bye for now….


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