Al-Nakbah…more of it…

Last time, I mention the concept of al-Nakbah, which means disaster or catastrophe at an extreme proportion.

I say that the concept of al-Nakbah is applicable to Malaysia. One aspect of this concept has to do with morality.

Some people say that Malaysians (especially the Malay Muslims) are experiencing drastic moral decay. In a way this phenomena is a catastrophe. And thus there emerge people like Munirah Bahari who thinks that they have the answers to this “catastrophe”.

I know that some people might find it amusing when they read the statement by Munirah Bahari. Of course some find her statement revolting.

Some say that this situation as described by the Malaysiakini news item ‘Islamic group condemns ‘sexy’ school uniforms ‘(see – as a situation of dilemma. It is a di-lemma as the boundaries of morality is not clear – despite the arguments that in Islam, the boundaries between the truth and falsehood, halal and haram or right or wrong are clearly explained…

Interestingly this issue is still popular.  Just to list 2 letters in Malaysiakini that deals with this “burning” issue:

Rape: Moral guardians need to change mindset

‘Sexy’ uniforms – A schoolgirl’s view

The first letter is a reply to Munirah Bahari, written by a Muslim. This indicates that there are at least some Muslims not agreeing to Munirah Bahari despite the clear guidelines concerning what is permissible or non-permissible in religion. The second one seems to be from a school-girl… Well, well.. I suppose I will leave it to readers to read that letter…

Now, I say that this situation or controversy or issue represents a catastrophe of some sort… for Malaysian society….

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 ‘Covering up’ won’t prevent social ills especially when you cover up the “symptoms”

Allright… back to the concept of al-Nakba as it was constructed originally in the Palestinian context. There is a blog post – al Nakba – The Word, The Myth, The Struggle which explains more of the concept in its original form. This is a rather long post but worth reading.

I will be using the al-Nakba concept over and over again…. with reference to the Malaysian context..of course…


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