‘Covering up’ won’t prevent social ills especially when you cover up the “symptoms” !

I tell you what… I am still into V Kumaresan’s Malaysiakini letter ‘Covering up’ won’t prevent social ills – (see http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/83327).

Now, this post is a continuation of this previous post –  ‘Covering up’ won’t prevent social ills .

Now, I would like to focus on one issue relating to V Kumaresan’s letter.

To start…I like this portion from that letter, and so I am reproducing it here again…

Surely men are capable of controlling their thoughts and actions. If not, I think we are all in a lot of trouble as they currently hold a lot of power and responsibility in society.

I think our children and young women will benefit more from us empowering them to be brave and bold, and to assert themselves.

Adults, in turn, should treat them with respect and dignity and work to build their self-esteem. Restricting their clothing is not going to do them any favours.

I find V Kumaresan’s Malaysiakini letter interesting. As you can see, this letter in a way condemns the so called “moralising” statement of Munirah Bahari – the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president. However, read that letter carefully and readers might agree that V Kumaresan is also using moral or morality especially in saying that men should control their thoughts and actions…. V Kumaresan is using morality to suppress people like Munirah Bahari. Of course Munirah Bahari is also promoting the use of morality and religion too…. The problem is that when opposing parties use morality, the debate will never be resolved….


I wonder, what readers would do if they find women in such a way like the one below…

I mean… I wonder how would they react….

Picture Credits:Kantri @ Ragalahari

Now, I know that there are more males reading this blog compared to women…. So I wonder… can you men control your self when you see sexy pictures…?

Picture Credits: Kantri @ Ragalahari

What if the viewer is a 13 – 15 year old male school kid…. I ask you, if you are a 13 year old, how would you feel?

Picture Credits: Kantri @ Ragalahari

In my opinion, the issue of sexy and revealing school uniforms are mere symptoms. The real problem is sexual repression. For adolescents in Malaysia, they cannot express their sexual needs at the very time when their ‘sexual’ hormones are getting higher and higher. Now, this problem interestingly is not religious. And the problem of sexual repression can easily be solved; but not as solely suggested by Munirah Bahari).

The problem of sexual repression can easily be solved because marriage is permissible in the first instance when the youth have reached maturity (baligh). So the best way for Muslims to “protect” their religion and morality of their youths is to make marriages easy. In other words make marriage as easy as it is constituted in Islam. People may be surprised to know how easy it is to get married in Islam. But unfortunately due to traditions and even legal requirements, it is not easy to get married. Just ask your Malay friends how much they have to go into debt in order to get married… And look at the Syariah (state) legislations regarding marriages in Malaysia. In many instances, these legislations are onerously burdening potential marriages (which are of course the preferred and religiously right avenue to express sexual desires)…

And then the Malays are complaining about moral decay in their community…!

And people like Munirah Bahari are suggesting further repression!

So what do you think? This situation is another symptom of the “catastrophe” or al-Nakbah that the Malay community is now suffering?

Well, I suppose I may write more about this issue. Of course, that will be in the future!

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All Picture Credits to Ragalahari


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