Transparencies Not Wanted?

Dear Readers. This is actually a re-post. But I think that it is all right re-post this entry in light of the so called controversy on revealing clothes as they appear on Malaysiakini, I have decided to post again the pics of Pooja Bharati wearing revealing and sexy clothes.

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

I can understand that in a conservative society such as Malaysia’s, such a dress may not be preferred.

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

This kind of dressing is even unwanted…

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Or perhaps better said – revolting….

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

But Malaysia practices multi-culturalism…

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Now I find this statement by Mahaguru58 interesting…

Now, because he is rather harsh on people copying him, I will not “copy” that part of his entry which I find interesting. Readers can visit his entry though –

Yes… what he said is so true…

Picture Credits: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Yes, if you want to see more of here just go click these links: Pooja Bharati @ Ragalahari

Until then all the best and my prayers will be to democracy:
Vive la démocratie !

Now… there is a nagging question though – what are the limits of democracy when it comes to the preservation of morality…

This is a question which all of us have to address carefully and sensitively… if we avoid this issue or approach it in a harsh and blunt way (and this applies to all sides!) then there will be a catastrophe…

And one of the catastrophe (or al-Nakbah) has already been felt…

One of the catastrophe is that many of us are living in hypocrisy. I am sure that many of the readers are Muslims… Of course they know that watching sexily dressed women is haram.. but they do it anyway…

Because they have the “power” to do so….

And because the moral guardians are not there to control such immoral behaviour…

And what happens when the moral guardians cease to be moral guardians?

Anyway, more about this issue in future entries

All picture credits to Ragalahari


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