Terjepit Di Tengah Krisis Bahan Bakar Minyak

Yes, the petrol crisis has been given extensive reporting by the Malaysiakini (http://www.malaysiakini.com/) and also by the mainstream media like Utusan, Berita Harian etc.

In particular there seems to be differences in how these news outlets review the situation. The mainstream media seems to tell people to “bite the bullet”; whilst Malaysiakini seems to air the views of Pakatan Rakyat which seems to contain some solutions to this petrol and fuel crisis situation.

Yes, as repeatedly reported by Malaysiakini, PR (Pakatan Rakyat) and the Partai Keadilan Rakyat (in particular Anwar Ibrahim) as in the news item (Fuel hike aids Pakatan bid to seize powerhttp://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84149) assured people that fuel prices can be lowered via a continuation of subsidies by using profits from Petronas (Petroliam Nasional).

On the other hand, Foong Wai Fong in the Malaysiakini article – Gov’t has fallen asleep at the wheelhttp://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84185) has argued that the underlying reasons for this crisis are of global in nature and that the Malaysian public has to eventually accept; though of course the govt has to do something drastic too – like encouraging and improving efficient energy consumption.

I wonder what can be done now… Partai Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) wants a special Parliamentary session on this issue (see news item – Oil hike: PAS wants special Parliament sessionhttp://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84163).

But sincerely, I doubt that these moves or actions can have an impact. After all the Barisan still holds parliamentary majority, thus any motions by the opposition can be defeated by the whip.

Yes, what can be done now? Foong Wai Fong’s article do contain suggestions. But many of these suggestions are of the longer term. Unfortunately, the public wants the problem to solved immediately.

Perhaps Malaysians from now on need to use less automobile…. and more muscle…to get from point A to point B. Perhaps they might to use less air-cond… and sacrifice many other things…

Yes… I know my suggestion may be inconsiderate. I know that if you have three kids and you are sending the kids to school by car, the suggestion to send the kids via walking may be tiring esp when the school is more than 5 km away. And on top of that there is the problem of picking them up after school and then to send them to tution etc…

But some how, Malaysians have to change their level of tolerance… perhaps we have to accept more hardships and incovenience (unless you want to pay more for petrol). Perhaps….

Well, I don’t know… this crisis is certainly a disaster for the people of Malaysia…. But in my opinion this disaster is much more and much deeper than what we are all seeing…

Anyway, I will be writing more about this issue…

If readers still want to know what do I mean about the phrase “much more and much deeper than what we are all seeing…”

All I can say now is that this issue is related to the issue of transparency in governance. I have written a few entries abput this issue. Unfortunately I am just too lazy to link them to this entry. Perhaps readers might want to browse this blog to find what I wrote with regards to the issue of transparency…

But I have to tell… with out a transparent environment… we are all heading for a disaster (al-Nakba)… as we don’t know what is really happening (in this instance the transparency of Petronas and the operations of other foreign oil companies in Malaysia… and even the situation with regards to the kinds of oil that we export or import and how much oil reserves does Malaysia have)…

Without transparency, all the policy recommendations be it by the Barisan Nasional govt or by the Pakatan Rakyat will be useless and the public suffering will not be alleviated at all… (in fact policy recommendations based on wrong or inaccurate facts may even add to the problems!)

And I have to say that the lack of transparency reduces information; and that makes it more likely that we (policy makers and even the interested public) will get inaccurate or wrong information!

And so….

Kita semua terjepit di tengah krisis bahan bakar minyak !


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