Several Aspects of Transparency…And…

As I said in the previous post – Terjepit Di Tengah Krisis Bahan Bakar Minyak, transparency is needed when formulating public policy.

The need for transparency increases when the policies impinge on the lives of people. Such is the case for the maintenance or discontinuation of subsidies.

Now, transparency has several dimensions…

In this post, I will illustrate one dimension…

So do you like seeing women in “transparent” clothing?

Picture Credits Anushka @ Ragalahari

Some times I wonder what makes a woman in a transparent clothing such this one sexy….

Picture Credits Anushka @ Ragalahari

What is alluring about her?

Picture Credits Anushka @ Ragalahari

And hey… she is wet too…

Picture Credits Anushka @ Ragalahari

Anyway.. here is amother picture…

Here are some more pictures of Anushka…

Now…Do you like to dress like this?

Picture Credits Anushka @ Ragalahari

Just look at her…. closely…

Picture Credits Anushka @ Ragalahari

This dress is also transparent, but the picture is not showing much of that. Anyway also look at her armpit… its wet.. isn’t it… I tell you what… some people like the combination transparent dress and wet armpits… especially when the women wearing/ having them are beautiful…



All picture credits to Ragalahari


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