Anwar Ibrahim, Rajawali, Ratu Adil dan Hukum Adil

This entry is a continuation from the previous entry.

To be frank, I have written the previous entry for quite some time ago. This explains its length. Now, I found one interesting statement from the blogger (Din Merican) whom I refer to in the instance when Khalid Ibrahim read Rendra’s Rajawali Poem.

This is what he has to say:

We are a nation of the Rule of Law. We are supposed to be democratic and progressive. But we are a long off from being a nation as envisioned in the Rukun Negara.

Source: We have the Rakyat. We have Ourselves

Yes, Din Merican said that “We are a nation of the Rule of Law” in a reply to one of the comments in that post. This statement is in contrast with the spirit of Khalid Ibrahim’s recitation of Rendra. And so I wonder what is going on with Din Merican….

Perhaps he should read Rendra more carefully i.e. read by also understanding the context in which the poem was written….

Perhaps during this time of confusion, Din Merican and other genuine democracy activists should re-iterate the need to build strong, robust and reliable institutions of democracy amongst the Malaysian masses… many whom are still hoping for a hero or Ratu Adil….

Oh… my visit to Anwar Ibrahim’s blog seem to confirm my beliefs… I read that many commenters gave accolade to Anwar …whilst some others gave scathing criticism (and sometimes personal). Oh ….that post is this one – Dunia sastera dan kekuatan puisi

Well, this reverence for heroes is not new… During the old days many would be familiar with Bima, the hero from the Mahabarata epic. Many would also be familiar with the other heroes and villains in that story. And yes those heroes are expected to be saviours of the often powerless people….

And then of course closer to home… we have Hang Tuah the hero versus Hang Jebat the villain… and some other heroes…

We are dependent on heroes….

But we have to change… from being too dependent on heroes to being able to stand on our own feet…

Only then there will be a long lasting basis for democracy… A democracy based on strong institutions rather than a strong leader….


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