Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008

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Anwar Ibrahim’s petrol price reduction proposal was met with heavy criticism from the Barisan Nasional govt and some Malaysian neo-classical economists. And some of the public are not convinced…

I read his response to those criticisms, but sometimes I think that his response is not enough and not convincing.

And he seems to “forget” about that issue now

Aha… I actually read Anwar Ibrahim’s blog ( and ha ha ha… he still have the time to Berpantun Santai….

Allright Anwar, perhaps you might want to “forget” Berpantun Santai for a while. Instead perhaps you might want to study how things will go for the Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008 of the United States of America. This act is quite relevant for your proposed reduction of petrol prices.

Here is an excerpt from one source:

The office of Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, issued the following news release:

Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) today joined Senate Republicans to debut groundbreaking energy legislation, the Gas Price Reduction Act of 2008, to address the high price of gas and provide a balanced approach to our country’s long-term energy needs.

The four provisions of the legislation include expanding deep sea exploration, repealing the Democrat moratorium on oil shale, increasing research for plug-in vehicles, and strengthening the U.S. futures markets. Bennett addressed the oil shale provision in the bill and urged Congress to allow the development of what is potentially 800 billion to two trillion barrels of recoverable oil in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

US Fed News Service, Including US State News. Washington, D.C.: Jun 26, 2008.

I suppose Anwar can study this act; and being a prominent politician surely he can contact the Republican Senator. Of course, PKR (Partai Keadilan Rakyat) must surely have a dedicated research unit of some kind, perhaps they can do a comprehensive study of this act and propose a similar act to suit the Malaysian context.

Oh yes, the summary provisions for this act can be viewed here:
‘GAS PRICE REDUCTION ACT’ summary provisions


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