PM assures impartiality and fairness, but the KPMU and MYKMU are so kurang ajar!

Here is an excerpt of the Malaysiakini news – PM assures safety of both complainant, accused

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has assured the safety of both Anwar Ibrahim and his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who had accused the PKR de facto leader of sodomising him.

“For the government, we will assure the safety for whoever that is involved (in the case), whether it is the complainant or the accused,” he told a press conference at his office in Parliament.

abdullah ahmad badawi pm mahathir quits umno pc 190508 03The premier earlier met with Opposition Leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is PKR president and Anwar’s wife, for about 45 minutes in Parliament at 5pm today.

Also present at the meeting was Lembah Pantai parliamentarian, Nurul Izzah, who is Anwar’s eldest daughter.

The meeting was held at Wan Azizah’s request to ask Abdullah to assure her husband’s safety and that no injustice will take place.

Abdullah stressed that there was no conspiracy as far as the latest allegations were concerned.

But to tell the truth, I have doubts that this is the case with the rest of the UMNO (United Malays National Organization) members.

Let’s look at some entries and postings from two websites (MYKMU and KPMU) who say that they represent the supporters of UMNO.

Seloka Main Belakang 

Mana Mungkin Anwar Ibrahim Mahu Mengaku…..



Anwar dah balik dengan “Kemaluan”


There are many more entries in which the reader can read in those two websites. 

Now, the Malays have this phrase called: kurang ajar. This term is usually used to denote a child who is ungrateful and/ or unrespectful to their parents. This term can also be used to describe those who are disrespectful or ungrateful to their superiors. This is because in the Malay culture, one never questions the superiors. Of course, nowadays, the absolutism of the “ketua”, “pemimpin”, “pemerintah” or “bapak” (in Indonesia) is not total. Nevertheless, if you  disagree with the leader you must show it in a very respectful manner. In other words you must be “halus” instead of “kasar”, and in all situations you cannot publicly show that you disagree with the leader. That is how the Malay gentleman (or gentlemen) should behave.  Remember the phrase: “tuan yang budiman”? And yes, the “real” (asli or sejati) Malays when they talk, they talk in “bahasa berlapik” which is basically used for the purpose of blunting (or making less sharp) the criticism. Also in Malay – the closest polite word to ‘disagreement’ and ‘criticism’ is “teguran”. If you say you “membantah” then you are getting close to “melawan”. And this is very important. Part of “bahasa berlapik” is to never ever humiliate any one, even if he or she is your opponent. So the real Malays never “menghina” any body, any where, any time.

In my opinion, those characteristics are not seen at all in KPMU and MYKMU. 

People in the KPMU and MYKMU are kurang ajar as they do not show show respect to Badawi.

Now, I would also like to take this opportunity to list out several adjectives and descriptor s concerning their style of writing when dealing with the current Anwar Ibrahim issue. I would say to these KPMU and MYKMU folks that they are:
1. Kurang ajar – this is so obvious.

2. Babi – the term babi is usually used to denote the lowest level of living form, as Malays see the pig as ‘haram’. This term befit those in MYKMU and KPMU as…. you know what I will say….so no need to say it here.

3. Bangsat – The term bangsat are used to denote those in extreme poverty. In my knowledge, this term was actually used to denote the poor (but I need to confirm this, if any one of you are historian and are well versed in govt classifications during the old days, please correct me). The prime movers of mykmu and mpmu are bangsat. They are bankrupt of ideas when presenting their arguments against Anwar. The same thing over and over again, like the Seloka Main Belakang.

4. Bodoh – they still think that people will just acceot whatever their say. They forgot that the adage – Rakyat Masih Bodoh is passe (past tense). It is they who are bodoh for not being able to see what the people really want. Look at this Malaysiakini article – Poll: Almost everyone thinks Anwar’s innocent

And so, the people who ran the KPMU and MYKMU are kurang ajar, babi, bangsat and bodoh. But those behaviors are very ironic. You see, UMNO is a party that claims to uphold Malay rights which include the Malay way of life, their culture and tradition. I tell you what: the Malay culture and tradition are based on “adab”, “sopan-santun” , “lemah -lembut” , “berbudi-bahasa” and “hormat-menghormati”…

Sometimes I wonder that UMNO has failed not only the country, but they failed their own people too. Just look at the behavior of those in KPMU and MYKMU. They are the products of UMNO. They are so kurang ajar – even to their own leader.

And thus I am skeptical when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says that he will ensure impartiality and justice in dealing with  the current political drama in Malaysia.



Picture Credits to Malaysiakini from the article – PM assures safety of both complainant, accused


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