KPMU and MYKMU: Harbingers of Hatred and Hate Speech?

Last time I wrote something about hate speech…. Malaysian Bloggers: Harbingers of Racial/Religious Hatred and Disloyalty?

That topic was somewhat off my mind right now… after all, there are other things or issues to consider…

But then upon reading the materials posted in these websites, I began to think that people in those sites are engaging in hate speech…

Now, at  this I am kind of wandering why other bloggers are not highlighting the issue of kpmu and mykmu engaging in hate speech…..

Especially  those bloggers who are supporters of PKR and the other components of Pakatan Rakyat… they should highlight this issue… this issue is explosive….

Perhaps this is so obvious, after all the KPMU and MYKMU has been in existence for quite some time. But then in this current situation – people should analyse what were said in these two websites and expose their hypocrisy (and one-sidedness) and let them know that their hate speech mongering behavior is not what Malaysians want…

KPMU… or… the MYKMU … are these websites promoting hate speech?

If I am not mistaken, there were times in the past where bloggers were given warning about what they post…. perhaps the same kind of warnings may be given to the operators of mykmu amd kpmu


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