KPMU and MYKMU supporters running amok? (2)

The other day, I posted an entry titled – PM assures impartiality and fairness, but the KPMU and MYKMU are so kurang ajar! and also an entry titled – KPMU and MYKMU supporters running amok?.

Yes, KPMU and MYKMU….. what are those?  Are they merely tools in this current “situation”….???

Well…. KPMU and MYKMU and well known as pro-UMNO websites and they will never ever say good things about the other side… that is for sure…

And sometimes I think that this is a pity…. I mean this is like a sheer waste of internet time…

Aha… there is something,,,,

Well go this entry if you want to know more….  KPMU and MYKMU: Harbingers of Hatred and Hate Speech?


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