Another Two Pictures…

Ohhh… sometimes you need something entertaining to escape the reality. Yes…. the reality can (in fact it does in many circumstances) be not to our liking. Just read today’s news for example…. Of course, I don’t mean Utusan, Berita Harian or News Straits Time or even the other mainstream media like the TV… they all well… biased… we all know that.. But even if you read the alternative news portals, sometimes they can also give out depressing news…

So why not we enjoy ourselves….

Here is another two pictures… of Mumaith Khan

Taken from Target  movie stills @ Ragalahari

But only one shows her armpit sweating…

Ahh… look at this

Picture Credit: Target @ Ragalahari

Ha ha ha… the actor is doing “someting”… What exactly is he doing?


Picture Credit: Target @ Ragalahari

Maybe.. look at Mumaith Khan’s wet armpit. Well it shows only a bit but I suppose that is good enough…


Ha ha ha ha…..


All picture credits to Ragalahari


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