Mengapa Perlu Berbohong?

Aha… I was reading Anwar Ibrahim’s blog: Berhentilah Mencipta Pembohongan!

I understand what he is trying to say….

Perhaps the next question to be asked is why people lie? and why there is a need to tell lies. In other words: Mengapa Perlu Berbohong?

Well…. actually this is rather mundane question? Why there is a need to tell lies…

Perhaps because of economic reasons, perhaps because of psychological reasons… perhaps because of tastes (preferences)…

But one thing for sure… in Malaysia, I would say… the mainstream media is so discredited that rumours are abound… and in this situation… lies are abound and abundant too…

Yes… and that is a pity!

Now, for Anwar Ibrahim, as a blogger, he is living in dangerous times… that  reminds me of the phrase Vivere Pericoloso! …  a phrase which was popularised by Sukarno….

As for, I sincerely hope that Anwar can get over these trying times and emerge victorious….

My hope is for you Anwar. You are after all the prime mover of the democratic movement in Malaysia!



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