Better watch this than…

And so… I was reading this comment about Anwar Ibrahim’s in KPMU – Hujah Anwar kosong dan memutarbelitkan tajuk debat

As I said somewhere else, this comment is rubbish.. and one sided, and as expected coming from groups and people that fanatically support UMNO. But it was fun to read as it shows how dumb can people (i.e. proponents) of KPMU can become when it comes to Anwar Ibrahim…

Well… enough of that…

Why not watch four pictures… the first one:

Picture Credits: Salute @ Ragalahari

Isn’t she beautiful? She is Nayantara… but some spell her name as Nayanatara…

Picture Credits: Salute @ Ragalahari

Another picture of her, a close up from the side… well… there is a lovely side view of the breast and the armpit skin is also showing… (a bit only…)

But I suppose some people may not prefer those…

Some may prefer the backside…

Picture Credits: Salute @ Ragalahari

Mmm… I suppose those people running like backside a lot… when they are so fixated with the words of al-juburi, liwat and such..

Note: for non-Malaysian readers, al-juburi is a derivative from literally the ‘anal’. The per-fix ‘al’ denotes someone who prefers to have anal sex. The word ‘liwat’ means sodom. These words are commonly used by proponents of KPMU  and also by the pprime movers of mykmu.

Ahh…enough about that.. if you want to watch more interesting pics, go here Salute @ Ragalahari.

I think why not have another back-side pic of Nayantara… this time from the movie Dubai Seenu

Picture Credits: Nayantara @ Ragalahari

Enjoy !!!


All picture credits to Ragalahari


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