Do you know cricket (2)

Part 2

Enough about that serious talk. Lets have some fun…

Do you like cricket? To tell the truth I find it boring. It must be because I come from Malaysia. And this is despite some detailed explanation on the rules of the game. A long, long time ago, when I was watching TV in the university dorm (the TV room) some Pakistani girls suddenly came and they pleaded to me to change the channel. They said they have to watch cricket. They said that they have to watch the test between Pakistan and India. At first, I refused to hand them the TV controls, but after some pleading I eventually gave in. Well why not – they promised me a good dinner and a lesson about cricket. So in the end I spend most of the evening with them….

Unfortunately that was years ago, and I have forgotten about the rules of cricket.

But nevermind… I suppose now its the time to enjoy some side shows in cricket. You can enjoy them even if you know nothing about cricket.

Here is Mandira Bedi, the queen of cricket in India.

Picture Credits: Mandira Bedi @ NazaraOne

Yea… she is a fixture in  the cricket seen in India…

Picture Credits: Mandira Bedi @ NazaraOne

She is sexy….

Now… some might say that her husband is one lucky man to have such a beautiful wife….

But then again… well… I suppose that has to be in another entry….


All picture credits to NazaraOne


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