Do you know cricket?

Yes, I understand about the situation in Malaysia right now. But in t hese few entries, I will not touch on that issue. I will only touch about what is happening in Malaysia when I am ready… and that will be soon…

Now… why not we have some digressions….

Part 1

If you want to be an Australian citizen, you have to take a citizenship test. One of the test questions may look like this

Who is current Australian test cricket captain:
a) Ricky Ponting
b) Don Bradman
c) John Howard
d) Kevin Rudd
e) Peter Garreth

Now this question is a actually a joke. I modified this question somewhat. For a full list of the questions see this document in pdf – australian citizenship test. This document is apparentlty the work of the Free Market Fairy Tale blog. And the post is here – UK & Australian Citizenship

If you are really and genuinely into this citizenship testing – then you should go to the DIMIA … oops.. now that dept has been changed into DIMC.  Perhaps this link will help – Overview of the citizenship test  

Now, I won’t say anything about this citizenship test, as my opinions are already articulated in these posts.

Basically I don’t agree with any citizenship tests or any forms of hindrances on the free movement of human capital, as this goes beyond the spirit of the free market. Many governments preach the idea of globalization and opening up of markets. But when it comes to the labour market (in the form of free flow of migration), they seem to drum up their nationalistic slogans….

This post is continued….

Do you know cricket (2)

Do you know cricket (3)


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