Public Service and Politics (1)

Sometimes I wonder, what is the purpose of politics?

Is politics a means to an end?

For example Malay nationalists (of the Biro Tata Negara type) would sing the Warisan song to remind the Malay masses to support their politics in order to secure a future for the Malays…

But this slogan looks outdated and silly now, as the goals of NEP (New Economic Policy) was not achieved. The funny thing is that these politicians use the failure to achieve NEP as evidence that the Malays need them in order to “protect” the collective interests of the Malays. In this regrad the Malays have been fooled big time since 1990 (the year when the NEP was supposed to obtain their goals). The UMNO led Barisan Nasional should have been voted out of power after that year; but lo and behold, the Malays still support them. Very strange indeed, as even after acknowledging their failure, they even failed to achieve NEP’s target even until today. And when some else told them that yes, in certain respects that goal was achieved, they even cried ‘no’. (I can’t remember but I think that was the ASLI chap who said that…). 

All we know is that many politicians from the government are ‘rich’. Isn’t it strange, they are getting richer whilst even by their standards (i.e. the NEP goal, they have admittedly failed!).  At this stage I would hesitate to name names, as in the current period of accusation of slander and libel, naming names (even if they are obvious, is not advisable, unless you are one of the few bloggers who are willing to endure…).

But read Malaysia’s Political Economy: Politics, Patronage and Profits by Edmund Terrence Gomez and K. S. Jomo, and you know what I mean…

Things bring the question to the issue what is the purpose of politics?

And so politics is a means to an end (or series of ends)… but what exactly?

To enable those who participate in politics to become rich….. this idea is actually embodied in the saying … in Malaysia you join politics in order to be rich… Now, I can’t say who was the first to say such a phrase but this phrase is often heard when Malaysians are discussing about politics…

Or is there something else…

There is another reason for participating in politics… and that is to provide public service….

This post will be continued….


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