The Unacceptable Antics of the New Straits Times…

Perhaps what R. Sivarasa said in the Malaysiakini youtube channel should not be a surprise.

Sivarasa in ‘He was indeed stripped, measured’ @ Malaysiakini youtube exposed the lies and treachery in the New Straits Time concerning Anwar Ibrahim….

Perhaps I and others should not be surprised at the behavior of the New Straits Time (or any other mainstream media)…

But should we stay silent whilst the mainstream media over and over again spew lies and unthruths? Should we stay silent whilst New Straits Time arrogantly tell the whole world (as that paper and the news item was also online) something that is blatantly one sided?

The answer is no. At least for me, I will not stay silent although I know that whatever the New Straits Time print is not true. Now, I say this as the New Straits Time, like the other mainstream media has the habit of mixing lies and untruths together with the truth… I consider this unacceptable and therefore I have taken an opinion that whatever is said by New Straits Time is not true, unless other media or sources confirm it (the items as said by New Straits Times) to be the truth…

But sometimes and especially now, the lies are too much. It is as if New Straits Time assume that the public is so gullible that they accept whatever is printed in that paper is the truth.

And the worst is that the New Straits Time like to think that people are so stupid. I mean just read Syed Albar’s statement: If he is searching for the truth he can get it very easily. Just give a blood sample for DNA tests..

Hey what is this… doesn’t he know that DNA sampling is a corroborative evidence. Such a statement..from a minister… and then being printed in the New Straits Time… what do these people think of us…. ? Do they think that we are stupid???

Yea… so New Straits Times is also thinking that the people are still stupid… yeas.. rakyat masih bodoh.. yes?

So I am telling to the people in New Straits Time, you all can go to hell!

Now, for posterity and for the record, I reproduce the whole News Straits Time article below. This article was the one that Sivarasa has referred to:



‘What is Anwar afraid of?’

By : V. Vasudevan


KUALA LUMPUR: If truth is what he is after, then Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should just give a blood sample for DNA tests, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

Syed Hamid was commenting on Anwar’s refusal to give a blood sample when he was taken to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital on Wednesday night.

The de facto Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader had said that he had no faith in the system as DNA evidence obtained by police in his sodomy case 10 years ago was allegedly fabricated.

Syed Hamid, however, countered that the government had not ruled out the possibility of getting foreign medical experts to conduct the DNA tests.

“What is he afraid of? He can even have his own doctor present when the tests are carried out,” he said.
“Under our laws, we cannot force a person to give a blood sample.

“The consent of the person is needed and since Anwar does not want to cooperate, he was taken back to the police lock-up.”

In Penang, Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said Anwar should have cooperated and undergone a DNA test.

He said it was normal for the police to seek DNA tests from suspects involved in rape and sodomy cases.

“As a responsible citizen, Anwar should have cooperated with the police.

“Nobody is above the law.”

Liow said this after accompanying Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas on a visit to the Sungai Bakap Hospital.

Syed Hamid also said Anwar had gone in search of the truth to the Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department on July 10, accusing his former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, of committing qazaf or false accusation of fornication.

“If he is searching for the truth, he can get it very easily. Just give a blood sample for DNA tests,” Syed Hamid said.

On the alleged high-handedness by the police in arresting Anwar on Wednesday afternoon, Syed Hamid stressed that they had acted in accordance with the law.

Anwar had given his assurance that he would turn up at the city police headquarters at 2pm on Wednesday, but police moved in an hour earlier and nabbed the former deputy prime minister near his home in Segambut.

The manner in which police effected the arrest had sparked an outcry among his supporters.

Syed Hamid, however, said police did nothing wrong as they had a warrant of arrest issued against Anwar.

He also said that police had reasonable grounds to believe that Anwar was not going to keep his word on meeting the police at 2pm.

After being questioned by the Anti-Corruption Agency in Putrajaya in the morning, Anwar was supposed to go directly to the city police headquarters.

“But his convoy headed for his home in Segambut.

“In fact, Anwar excused himself from the ACA by telling them he had an appointment with the police.

“If he went back to his house, there would have been problems. He has so many bodyguards and if police forced themselves in, there will be an incident again and we (the government) will be blamed again.

“So how do you avoid being involved in a scuffle as he was followed by seven cars? He was very well protected.”

Syed Hamid also said that the last time (on Sunday) police went to serve Anwar a notice to be present for questioning, the police were not allowed to enter his house.

“When we left the notice with his security guards, his lawyers used the technical excuse that the notice must be served personally to him.

“By doing what police did, police avoided any untoward incident and Anwar cooperated very well and we are satisfied with that.”

He said he was not personally informed by police of the operation to arrest Anwar, adding that the public should understand that it was a police operation.

“The police do not have to consult or seek permission on what needs to be done as they are empowered by law. I expect them to act within the law.”

Syed Hamid said police treated Anwar well and gave in to his many requests while he was detained.

“He wanted to pray, we gave him all the prayer time he wanted.

“His wife (Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) wanted to give him medicine, the police allowed her to do so.

“His lawyers were also present when police recorded his statement and when he was taken to the hospital.”

Syed Hamid said Anwar was being investigated for a criminal case and should be given a fair chance to state his case.

By the same reason, he said Mohd Saiful, who lodged the sodomy report against Anwar three weeks ago, should be satisfied that his complaint was being investigated.

Unfortunately, Syed Hamid said, instead of upholding the truth, Anwar had turned the report against him into a politically-motivated incident.

Anwar was released on police bail at 9.45am yesterday after spending the night at the city police headquarters. He will have to present himself to police again on Aug 18.




Ha ha.. look at the picture… you know who he is…

As was said before, DNA sampling is a corroborative evidence. And strangely the New Straits Time quoted the minister saying that under Malaysian laws, one cannot be forced to give blood sample… Take this legal standing of DNA sampling and the minister’s earlier statement… something does not sound right… and the New Straits Times reported it all…

I must say that I am sick and tired of reading such articles… What is happening in the New Straits Times? Do the journalists and editors in that news paper have any idea what is ethics in journalism?

Normally I just ignore them but now… I feel that I have to say something…

And that is… New Straits Time, you can go to hell !!!

I make no apologies in that statement…


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