An Uncanny Resemblance (1)

This post is dedicated to all Reshma lovers who frequent this blog in search of pictures of Reshma….

There are various versions of the actress Reshma….Now that is not  the purpose of today’s posting. the purpose of today’s posting is about somthing else…

As you see… i too have browsed quite a lot about pages on “reshma”. Now… there is one aspect which is the focus of today’s series of postings. In doing so I wil be focusing on the actress Reshma from 2 sites – idlebrain and ragalahari. In addition, I will focus on this actress named Ramita Shetty, her pictures from Ragalahari (although you can find her pictures in other sites too).

Now… I need you to focus on these pictures…

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Idlebrain

Look at this pictures carefully… I need your attention..

Look carefully…

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Idlebrain

Look carefully…

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Idlebrain

Perhaps you are getting bored… pay attention and focus…

Picture Credits: Reshma @ Idlebrain

Ok… you have enough of her….

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All picture credits to  Idlebrain


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