The Sept 16 ‘heartbreaker’ ?

Not surprisingly in Malaysiakini today, on the 17th of September there is this article titled – The Sept 16 ‘heartbreaker’. I would dare say that this article which was written by R K Anand captures the feeling of majority of Malaysians who demand for change.

The excitement in the air was so thick that one would have needed a chainsaw to cut through it all.

For weeks, it had been the talk of the town and when dawn finally arrived on that fateful day, the nation awoke to the possibility that things might never be the same again.

Throughout the day, the telephones buzzed incessantly with curious friends and relatives at the other end wanting to know if it would actually happen.

But then of course, we all know that this is not the case. Instead…

In the end, it was another (Zaid) Ibrahim that stole the limelight with his frank and hard-hitting comments about the prime minister and his cabinet.

So what had happened on the 16th of September?

Will this mean the end of the “political tsunami”?

Some how R K Anand painted a positive prediction:

Sept 16 might have turned out to be a dud but there is an important lesson for the embattled ruling coalition which could prove perilous if ignored.

The powers-that-be must not overlook the fact that the people were generally disappointed that there was no change of government.

It appears that Malaysians are craving for something different and are willing to experiment regardless of the risks involved.

So if it is not Anwar and his political coup, BN might just find the scales tipping over in the next general election if it is not careful.

In my opinion, we all should not put or rest too much hope on one person, in this case Anwar Ibrahim, for political change. If we want political change then all of us must demand for it no matter who is the leader (as in this case Pakatan Rakyat).

Of course, change may only occur if there is enough mass support for it.

Until that critical mass appears, then I suppose we have to be contented with the current situation.

But don’t forget, we all must work to ensure that we have the necessary instutions to make democracy work; because what many of us want is not really a change of government, but rather a Malaysia in which there is ample of democratic space.


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